Anne's Walks

This is walk 3 of the 5 in the booklet "Anne's Walks". This is available from most shops in Caerwys, or from the club secretary, Ron Williams, telephone 01352 715723.

Walk 3

Caerwys Hall

Map 3 Starting from the Town Square walk along North Street and turn right into Holywell Road. Pass the Senior Citizens Bungalows at Llys y Goron. This was the site of the Caerwys Market.

Continue along Holywell Road until you come to the last bungalow on the left. Take the railed path alongside to a waymarked stile, continue past the bungalows and cross a stile into a field. Cross this field to a stone stile. Keep in same direction over another 2 stiles to a road.

Cross this into a wood (signpost and stile) then up a rather indistinct path into a field. Walk to the left of the house through an old gateway. Cross over a stile and make for the corner of the wood ahead. Cross over 2 stiles and into the lane and turn left.

Take the first stile on your left into a meadow and cross the stile in the fence ahead and to the right. Cross the field to another stile to farm track Turn right and follow to the road and turn right once more. Cross over the road and walk along the grass verge to the road junction.

Turn left over stone stile (signpost) and straight ahead to gap in hedge with hidden stile. Cross field to another gap and go through and to a stile in field corner. Cross this large meadow heading for the TV mast in the distance.

At field corner go through gap and immediately left. Follow with hedge on the left to cross over a stone and metal stile in the field corner. Continue ahead and over a slate stile. At the road bear right past the Piccadilly Inn to return to the Square.

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